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Law Enforcement Opposes Lowering the DUI Limit to .05 in Utah

By October 25, 2013Criminal Defense

Law Enforcement Opposes Lowering the DUI Limit to .05 in Utah

Over the past few months, Utah lawmakers have been urged to institute law lowering the DUI limit to .05. Earlier this year the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that all 50 states set the Blood Alcohol Limit for DUI at .05. The chairman of the board asserted that research showed that a driver with a BAC “above .05 are at a significantly greater risk of being involved in a crash where someone is killed or injured.”Breathalyzer Test

More recently, Matt Schauerhamer, a career law enforcement officer, wrote an opinion article in the Deseret News opposing a lower BAC limit for DUIs. Schauerhamer has made more DUI arrests than he cares to remember. His experience is that the majority of DUI arrests made are of people with BAC of .10 or higher. He also contends that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) field sobriety tests are standardized for BAC levels of .08 and .10. This means that when a suspect is performing the field sobriety tests, the suspect will display clues that the officer can observe if the subject is over .08. The tests are not designed to detect whether a person is over .05. This is a problem because the law requires police officers to have probable cause to arrest someone for DUI. Lowering the DUI limit to .05 would cause difficulty for an officer to establish probable cause when the suspect is able to pass all of the Field Sobriety Tests because their BAC is under .08.

Schauerhamer suggests that the legislature leave the level as it is or prohibit a person from driving with any alcohol in their body. Schauerhamer is not alone in urging the legislature to leave the limit as is. Candace Lightner, the founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), believes that lowering the DUI limit to .05 would be a “waste of time”. She believes that we should focus on more significant highway safety issues such as high-BAC driving, drugged driving, and distracted driving.

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  • Eric V. says:

    Setting aside whether lowering the limit will help keep drunk driving incidents and accidents down (it well might), I wonder if this will increase or incentivize law enforcement to be more aggressive in pulling over and detaining drivers. Heaven knows the Steed debacle has shown that some officers are already willing to pull over drivers based on little more than a lane correction or quick stop.

    Now that they know they can get a conviction and justify the detention after-the-fact, I imagine that tendency will only increase.

  • Nice Post
    Government should be very strictly for the driver who drives when they are drunk & make tight law against them.

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