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If Justin Bieber had been arrested for DUI in Utah…

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If you haven’t heard yet: Justin Bieber was arrested early this morning in Florida for DUI. You can find officer Medina’s account in the police report here. According to police, Bieber was observed drag racing his Lamborghini at 4:30 this morning. When Medina stopped him he could immediately smell an odor of alcohol emanating from the driver’s breath. Medina asked Bieber to exit the vehicle for further investigation. Bieber became uncooperative when Medina required him to place his hands on his car to check for weapons and swore at the officer a few times. Medina then arrested Bieber and transported him to the police station. Read More

What to Do When Charged with a DUI

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What Doesn’t Work: You see the lights flash and hear the siren. As the source of the lights dawns on you, you pull over, trying to get yourself together. And why are those lights so bright?  A knock on the window, an unsteady exit from the car, and you hear yourself speaking some angry words to the police. When they ask you to take the field sobriety test, you cannot see the line, let alone walk it. The rest, as they say, is history: a DUI charge and conviction. Read More

Utah DUI Tests: DUI Attorney Tip of the Week

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What Does Not Work: Performing the “Nine Step Walk and Turn” test on tip-toe, with several twirls thrown in, while singing ”Fiddler on the Roof” songs in your best falsetto voice as proof that you were not driving under the influence of anything stronger than show tunes.

What Works: If a law enforcement officer pulls you over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), be cooperative—but also be aware of your legal rights. In Utah, there are three tests that can be used to determine DUI: Read More

A DUI Tip So Important that Even DUI Attorneys Should Use It! | Defense Attorney Tip of the Week

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What Doesn’t Work: Coloring in the 3s on your license plate with permanent marker to make them look like 8s.

What Works: If you are pulled over for a DUI, politely decline to take any field sobriety tests (FSTs). FSTs include the “follow my pen with your eyes” test, the “walk the line” test, and the “one foot stand” test. Even sober people fail FSTs much of the time. You are required to take a breathalyzer or blood test if asked, and you should, but you are not required to take FSTs, so don’t! If you want to learn more about DUI’s, go to our DUI page.