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Bad Costume Idea, Good Traffic Stop Idea | Utah Defense Attorney Tip of the Week

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What Doesn’t Work: Going to court in your Halloween costume…especially if it’s your heavy-duty orange jumpsuit with your favorite six-digit number on back. Even though your girlfriend thinks you look hot in bright colored onesies, it may put thoughts in the judge’s mind that you don’t want him to have.

What Works: When dealing with police, be nice but not naïve. Often, you are pulled over by police for a traffic stop just to look for any evidence of more serious crimes. When interacting with police, remember that what you say can, and will be used against you. Even simple questions by the police can be designed to trap you. For example, when an officer asks you if you know how fast you were going, if you say “yes,” and then say any number after the speed limit, then that will be used to show you knew you were speeding.  If you say “no,” then your statement will be used against you to show you had no idea how fast you were going. Then the judge has no choice but to accept the officer’s statement as truth.