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How do I get a Domestic Violence No Contact Order dismissed?

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There are several different types of “protective orders” in domestic violence cases.  If you are sent to jail for domestic violence, the jail should have you sign something called a Jail Release No Contact Agreement, which is kind of like a protective order, but is only temporary until you go to court and see the judge.  If your spouse wants, she/he can waive the No Contact Order against you by signing a written waiver, or, when you go to court on your criminal case, you can ask the judge to remove it.  Also, you may be able to hire a domestic violence attorney to negotiate with the prosecutor to have it removed before you go to court. Read More

Was Sally Drunk? Cops Say Oui-Oui!

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Sally Struthers, who played the bubbly blonde daughter of Archie Bunker (and adoring wife of Meathead) on the 1970s TV show All in the Family, was arrested in September on charges of drunk driving. The Emmy-winning actress, 65, was stopped at 12:30 a.m. in the town of Ogunquit, Maine, where she performs regularly with a local theater group, and was handcuffed and taken into custody. It is not known whether the actress provided a breath or blood sample (or even an autograph), but she was reportedly cooperative with the police throughout the incident. Struthers was held briefly and then released after posting $160 bail, which celeb-gossip site — harkening back to the tear-jerking Christian Children’s Fund infomercials for which Struthers served as oft-parodied spokesperson — snarkily pointed out is just $1 a day for the past 160 days. Read More

iPad Contest Winners Announced

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And the winner is…

iPad: Stephanie Stolworthy Flynn
$50: Nate Shields
$50: Michael Cummings
$50: Charlotte Aldridge Petersen
$50: Andrew R. Peterson
$50: Kayleigh Sharp Ferrell
$50: Jennifer Stark Horrocks
$50: Brian Arnold
$50: Wendi Craig-Cummings
$50: Danielle Reist Dallas
$50: David Moss

Thanks to all who entered! And a sincere thanks for all of your support. We will contact the winners within 48 hours.

Two-Attorney Criminal Defense Law Firm Hiring Part Time Legal Assistant / Paralegal

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Legal Assistant Job Description

Our two-attorney criminal defense law firm in Sugarhouse is looking for a part-time legal assistant or paralegal to perform a wide range of office duties including: interacting with clients, business writing, document generation, scheduling, bookkeeping, scanning, filing, etc.  The position requires 20 hours per week with the possibility of becoming full-time.  The pay is $14-16 per hour without benefits.  Applicants will be expected to work a set schedule, but there will be options of morning, midday, or afternoon hours or a four-day work week. Read More